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Sell Us Your Rare Coins – We Are Buying!!

American Rare Coin and Bullion is buying rare United States coins. We will of course buying as many coins as we can this summer to get our inventory heavy enough to make it to the next major show. This is the time of year that we reach out to our clients to buy rare coins more than any other! If you have coins that you have been considering selling, Please give us a call. We are always interested in buying rare United States gold, silver and copper coins. If  You want or need to sell your coins-call us. We will pay strong premiums for coins certified by PCGS and NGC.  There are many other areas that we have focus in for individual collectors with specific wish list. Here is what we buy: All pre 1933 gold coins in … [Read more...]

Why the Bond Market is Telling Us to Buy Gold Now

If you believe the signals coming out of the bond market, it might be time to start counting down until our next recession. As of this week, the U.S. Treasury yield curve has now been inverted for a full quarter.Which has been a reliable sign that we are heading into rough water,economically speaking. The yield curve has flipped prior to each of the last seven official recessions over the past 50 years, without a single false-alarm during that stretch. If securities could talk, in other words, they’d be screaming bloody murder about trouble ahead. When talking heads say that the yield curve is “inverted,” what they really mean is that the typical order of the debt markets that prevails when the economy is healthy has been turned … [Read more...]

Gold Market Update

On Tuesday, June 18th, Gold climbed more than 1% to a near 14-month high, supported by statements from the U.S. Federal Reserve. U.S. gold futures were up by 0.8% at $1,353.7 per ounce. Spot gold was up about 1% at $1,352.23 per ounce. Last week, prices had hit a high of $1,358.34, the highest it’s been since April 11. Gold has risen 6% since hitting the 2019 lowest point of $1,265.85 in early May.Based on this information, here’s what we recommend. Pre 1900 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagles MS62. These coins’ trade at a tiny premium to their gold value. You may expect the price tag of a 120-year-old coin, in gem quality, to be thousands of dollars over the price of gold, but you’d be surprised. We have a limited quantity of these $20 Gold … [Read more...]

A Special Coin for a Special Cause : 2019 W Burnished Silver American Eagle

As the summer of 2019 arrives the U.S. Mint is releasing one of its most popular coins. The West Point minted burnished Silver American Eagle is out on May 29th. This of course is not really new news as it has been on the calendar all year. The reason this year is special for us is; we have been asked to participate in a program that will directly benefit our country’s wounded veterans. United States 1st Sgt. Christopher Roseberry has built an organization called Dogs For Our Brave. They train and place service dogs with our country’s soldiers who were wounded protecting our freedom. We are proud to be able to be a part of this program.  1st Sgt. Roseberry with personally sign 250-2019 Burnished Silver Eagles graded Mint State 70 … [Read more...]

1893-S The King of All Morgan Silver Dollars

Key of Morgan Dollar Series Mintage 100,00 The 1893-S Morgan Dollar is recognized as the absolute key date of the series and has demand at all grade levels. This date  has the lowest mintage for a circulation strike of the series with just 100,000 minted. Unlike many other dates of the series, no hoards have ever appeared on the market, and it seems highly unlikely that any ever will. Most examples will be encountered in circulated condition, with a high concentration in VF. A very limited supply of mint state pieces are available. The finest known 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar is a piece graded by PCGS as MS67, which sold by private-treaty for over a million dollars recently. We just acquired an original example … [Read more...]

Coin of the Week May 5 2019

The Proof 1876 Half Eagle is one of the most popular reconstruction era (1865-1877) issues known with an ultra-low mintage of just 45 coins. It is made even more popular by the scarcity of its business strike counterpart. At just 1,477 coins made for commerce the date has long held the appeal of world class collectors across the globe. Of course, Proof gold has long been numismatic caviar for collectors with a knack for aesthetics and rarity. The likes of Eliasberg, Trompeter and Bass saw these masterpieces as exceptional values in their day. A Gem example hasn’t been on the market in years. Demand has only increased for the date. One of a kind. Price on request. … [Read more...]

From a Euro Bank Held Collection 400 Crisp Pre-1900 Gold $5 Half Eagles With Motto

Gold Half eagle with motto In God We Trust We have brought in from a bank vault in a secret European location, 400 original $5 gold Liberty half Eagles. Each one of these coins is in crisp extra fine or better condition. We are happy to be able offer these coins at the most affordable,competitive price in the US for pre 1900 issue . Only available for a limited time.These coins WILL sell out , do not wait. $359.50 each Call to confirm price and quantity866.789.2646 … [Read more...]

Coin of the Week May 6,2019

1851 New Orleans 3 Cent Silver Branch Mint Specimen Strike and Proof coinage represents the rarest of the rare in American numismatics. To understand just how special these coins really are, one must understand how coins were struck at Branch Mint facilities. The Branch Mints, including New Orleans, were set up for a commercial need. Philadelphia was the hub, and the other Mints just a spoke in the wheel. The hub (Philadelphia) made coins for commerce and to serve special collector interests, like making pattern coins and Proofs. The Branch Mints were designed for one need only, to produce coins to demand for the regions they were in. That is why one almost never hears of the existence of a Branch Mint Proof or Specimen … [Read more...]

The All Time Favorite “Morgan Silver Dollars”

A Beautiful Mint State 64 example of a Carson City minted Morgan Silver dollar Looking back over the past 30 some odd years as a professional numismatist,thinking of the hundreds of millions of coins I have had the privilege of handling, biggies too.The $4 gold Stella,Brasher Doubloons. Numerous $20 Gold Liberty. Some so rare and in such condition, they simply should not exist. Even a 1795 $5 Capped Bust gold piece. Which is the very first gold coin struck for the United States. I remember the client who acquired it saying to me " George Washington might have held this very coin" At that point it dawned on me that holy cow, he's right! I always come back to silver dollars. It is really true the good ole Morgan Silver Dollar … [Read more...]

Coin of the Week April 23 2019

1831 Large Letters Quarter The 1831 Proof Quarter is a popular first year small size Capped Bust issue that ran from 1831 to 1838. Although Large and Small Letters are known for the regular business strike, the Proof is only known in Large Letters format. With a mintage of only 20 coins, few can be found in any condition for collectors to acquire. The present example is a wholesome, beautiful piece with a glint of beautiful rustic toning at the peripheries but is otherwise fully sharp and white. An exquisite combination. A PR64 last sold in 2014 at $58,750. This coin is PF65 Cameo. A PR66 also sold that same year for $141,000. Collector’s Universe: 115,000 Greysheet: 75,000 Offered at 74,250 Please phone to to verify … [Read more...]