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Buying the Dips in Precious Metals prices

The long-term price trend for gold, silver, and platinum has been steadily upward with short-term ups and downs.  Gold increased by $340.70/ounce over the past 12 months. What investors should be looking at is the steady upward trend over months and years. This “steady-upward trend” is what should matter to investors who want to diversify their portfolios by replacing a percentage of paper assets such as stocks and bonds with precious metals. Gold has taken a few hits this week due mostly to the activity on the political front. China trade talks look  to be coming closer to a deal, which has pushed gold prices down. Last apparently saw a large sell order which may have also sparked a decline in prices. What does this … [Read more...]

From a Euro Bank Held Collection 400 Crisp Gold $5 Half Eagles With Motto “In God We Trust”

In God We Trust – All Others Pay Cash! During the bloody carnage of America’s Civil War, there was a movement at the U.S. Treasury Department to make sure the motto “In God We Trust” was added to America’s coins. Some people interpreted it as a nod to finding purpose in the sacrifice of so many at the Altar of Freedom. For others, it was the Federal Government’s way of saying that God was on the Union side. Whatever the real reason, when the motto was added to coins it did not escape the eagle-eyed notice of Americans, prompting someone to quip: “In God We Trust – all others pay cash!” We have brought in from a bank vault in a secret European location,400 original $5 gold Liberty half Eagles. Each one of these coins is in crisp extra fine … [Read more...]

The Best Deal in The Coin Market

There are a lot of gold coins on the market. But they all fall into two basic categories: “Bullion or numismatic (rare) coins”. Bullion coins simply refer to gold coins that are made almost exclusively from precious metal, in this case gold. Their value component is that they consist of highly refined gold and are viewed primarily as an investment or a hedge against tough economic conditions. Numismatic coins refer to rare coins, ones that are bought and sold by collectors. Unlike bullion coins, their value isn’t based on the gold content, but rather on their rarity and condition. Their premiums are usually much higher than bullion coins, and can stretch into the thousands of dollars and in some … [Read more...]

Pride of Two Nations – 2 Coin Set

SOLD OUT AT THE MINT!!!!WE HAVE A LIMITED OFFERING OF FIRST DAY OF ISSUE PROOF 70 TWO COIN SETS HAND SIGNED BY THOMAS CLEVELAND U.S. MINT MASTER DESIGNERCLEVELAND HAS LIMITED  HIS SIGNATURE TO ONLY 100 OF THESE SETS$679.00 PER SETPLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM866.789.2646*An American Eagle One Ounce Silver Coin with an enhanced reverse proof finish and a Canadian One Ounce Silver Maple Leaf with a modified proof finish*U.S. coin is one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, and the Canadian coin is one troy ounce of .9999 pure silver*Minted at the United States Mint at West Point and Canada’s Ottawa MintThis beautifully rendered and unique special set is the first-ever joint coin set between the United States Mint and Royal Canadian Mint. It commemorates … [Read more...]

Gold Market Update

The price of gold has enjoyed sustained strength this calendar year, up nearly 11.07% year-to-date. Up 13.65% from its low of $1,266 formed back in May 2019. However, the price is still well below the all-time high of $1,921 from September 2011. Fueled by a Weaker U.S. dollar-  the weakness in the dollar index lowered its trading power 0.18% (at 97.04 today). It is this weakness in the dollar index that is helping the gold price to shine. A few weeks ago the dollar index touched the low of 95.84. On an extremely long-term basis, gold has been moving upward since hitting rock bottom in December 2015, when prices reached a low of $1045 per ounce. Since then gold has moved to higher pricing $1370-$1380 per ounce. … [Read more...]

Early Denver Mint Proof $20 Gold

The 1906-D and 1907-D Specimen Strike $20 gold pieces have been well documented and heavily sought after by collectors in the know for years.  The 1906-D is a 1st Year Presentation Piece, of which just 6 are known to have been struck and given to individuals who were important to the Chief Coiner at the time. Specimen Strike coinage has become more and more understood over the years, and it’s important to note the finest 1906-D last sold in 2013 for $440,625. Prior to that, it sold for $172,500 in 2006 – an increase of nearly 250% in just 7 years!!  No other examples of the 1906-D are reported to have been sold. It has now been 6 years since the last sale of the SP66, and it is arguably worth considerably more today.  The 1907-D … [Read more...]

Sell Us Your Rare Coins – We Are Buying!!

American Rare Coin and Bullion is buying rare United States coins. We will of course buying as many coins as we can this summer to get our inventory heavy enough to make it to the next major show. This is the time of year that we reach out to our clients to buy rare coins more than any other! If you have coins that you have been considering selling, Please give us a call. We are always interested in buying rare United States gold, silver and copper coins. If  You want or need to sell your coins-call us. We will pay strong premiums for coins certified by PCGS and NGC.  There are many other areas that we have focus in for individual collectors with specific wish list. Here is what we buy: All pre 1933 gold coins in … [Read more...]

Why the Bond Market is Telling Us to Buy Gold Now

If you believe the signals coming out of the bond market, it might be time to start counting down until our next recession. As of this week, the U.S. Treasury yield curve has now been inverted for a full quarter.Which has been a reliable sign that we are heading into rough water,economically speaking. The yield curve has flipped prior to each of the last seven official recessions over the past 50 years, without a single false-alarm during that stretch. If securities could talk, in other words, they’d be screaming bloody murder about trouble ahead. When talking heads say that the yield curve is “inverted,” what they really mean is that the typical order of the debt markets that prevails when the economy is healthy has been turned … [Read more...]

Gold Market Update

On Tuesday, June 18th, Gold climbed more than 1% to a near 14-month high, supported by statements from the U.S. Federal Reserve. U.S. gold futures were up by 0.8% at $1,353.7 per ounce. Spot gold was up about 1% at $1,352.23 per ounce. Last week, prices had hit a high of $1,358.34, the highest it’s been since April 11. Gold has risen 6% since hitting the 2019 lowest point of $1,265.85 in early May.Based on this information, here’s what we recommend. Pre 1900 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagles MS62. These coins’ trade at a tiny premium to their gold value. You may expect the price tag of a 120-year-old coin, in gem quality, to be thousands of dollars over the price of gold, but you’d be surprised. We have a limited quantity of these $20 Gold … [Read more...]

A Special Coin for a Special Cause : 2019 W Burnished Silver American Eagle

As the summer of 2019 arrives the U.S. Mint is releasing one of its most popular coins. The West Point minted burnished Silver American Eagle is out on May 29th. This of course is not really new news as it has been on the calendar all year. The reason this year is special for us is; we have been asked to participate in a program that will directly benefit our country’s wounded veterans. United States 1st Sgt. Christopher Roseberry has built an organization called Dogs For Our Brave. They train and place service dogs with our country’s soldiers who were wounded protecting our freedom. We are proud to be able to be a part of this program.  1st Sgt. Roseberry with personally sign 250-2019 Burnished Silver Eagles graded Mint State 70 … [Read more...]

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