Buying the Dips in Precious Metals prices

The long-term price trend for gold, silver, and platinum has been steadily upward with short-term ups and downs.  Gold increased by $340.70/ounce over the past 12 months. What investors should be looking at is the steady upward trend over months and years. This “steady-upward trend” is what should matter to investors who want to diversify their portfolios by replacing a percentage of paper assets such as stocks and bonds with precious metals.

Gold has taken a few hits this week due mostly to the activity on the political front. China trade talks look  to be coming closer to a deal, which has pushed gold prices down. Last apparently saw a large sell order which may have also sparked a decline in prices.

What does this mean for gold? Traditionally, political and social turmoil creates an opportune time to buy gold. It causes investors to seek safe haven investments like the precious metals. With the paper markets gaining strength the fact is  gold is at a three-month low and if you have been waiting for a dip in prices before jumping back into gold – now may be your time to get in.

This brings us to the best value in the gold coin market today. Pre 1933 $20 gold double eagles. These heavy 1 ounce coins have almost NO PREMIUM compared to their younger cousins (like Gold American Eagles or Canada Maple Leafs)

So what’s the difference? Pre 1933 $20 Gold will never be minted again.  Here’s what we have seen in past hot gold markets like we are entering now. $20 gold can disappear off the open market. When this happens dealers tend to pay more for this type of coin.

Acquiring these Pre 1933 $20 double eagles now can really pay off, maybe in the not so distant future .

As we reported a few weeks ago:

The price of gold has enjoyed sustained strength this calendar year. However, the price is still well below the all-time high of $1,921 from September 2011.

It makes good sense to salt away 10 or 20 of these old $20 gold pieces. Do it today before premiums rise.

For a quantity of more than 20 coins please contact Trey Cox directly at 866.789.2646 Special arrangements available for larger orders.
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