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On November 7, 1973, US Senator James Fullbright introduced a very short bill – it was only ONE page – that didn’t even have a name. But Fullbright’s unnamed bill ended up being one of the most important pieces of legislation in US history. By the time Fullbright introduced his bill, it had been two years since the legendary “Nixon Shock” of 1971.

That was when US President Richard Nixon implemented wage and price controls, and changed theUS dollar’s convertibility into gold.Nixon famously promised the American public that there wouldn’t be any negative consequences fromhis actions. Yet inflation hit 3% the following year, in 1972. Then 4.7% in 1973. Then 11.2% in 1974.Simultaneously, gold prices around the world were surging… from $35/ounce before the Nixon Shock, tomore than $170 in 1974.But individual Americans weren’t allowed to benefit from those gains thanks to a forty year oldexecutive order that had been signed in 1933 by then-President Franklin Roosevelt.Naturally, plenty of Americans were outraged, and a number of lawsuits were filed claiming thatRoosevelt’s order was unconstitutional.Roosevelt was rightfully worried that … Read More


May 23 2023 American Rare Coin and Bullion is buying rare United States coins. We will, of course, buy as many coins as we can this summer to get our inventory heavy enough to make it to the next major show. This is the time of year that we reach out to our clients to buy rare coins more than any other! If you have coins that you have been considering selling, please give us a call. We are always interested in buying rare United States gold, silver and copper coins. If  you want or need to sell your coins – call us. We will pay strong premiums for coins certified by PCGS and NGC.  There are many other areas that we have focus in for individual collectors with specific wish list. Here is what we buy: All pre 1933 gold coins in any grade Certified Morgan … Read More

More than 20 NGC-certified Coins Each Sell for Six Figures in FUN Show Auction

Posted from NGC news The top NGC-certified coin was an 1870-S Seated Liberty Dollar that realized $420,000. Twenty-four vintage American coins certified by Numismatic Guaranty Company® (NGC®) each realized prices over $100,000 in the FUN US Coins Signature Auctioon January 15, 2023. The top NGC-certified coin was an 1870-S Seated Liberty Dollar graded NGC XF 40 (lot 3766) that realized $420,000. It is generally believed that not more than a dozen 1870-S Dollars were produced, and only nine are confirmed to exist today. These were apparently struck in connection with a ceremony to lay the cornerstone for the new Mint facility in San Francisco. … Read More

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