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NO! You Can’t Print Gold

The Fed cannot print gold, unlike every other asset. Bank of America has caught up with where we have been for the past few years. Predicting $3000per ounce as early as this year. As central banks and governments double down on their gold holdings, we believe it’s clear now that even Wall Street’s agenda is lining up with all of us who have been calling that the biggest winner of the central bank gold buying spree will be Gold. Main stream media is quick to let us know inflation isn’t going anywhere — but prices certainly are. The Consumer Price Index is consistently higher with each report. A closely watched metric of the US economy, rose by more than forecast to a 40-year high in September. The hard cold truth is inflation is a wealth killer. With inflation at a … Read More

Should I Invest in Silver?

Interest in the silver market pops whenever traditional investments waiver. Many of our clients are wondering if it is the right time to add physical silver to their investment portfolios. Below are some advantages to owning silver bullion. At the bottom there is a button to buy silver. We take pride in offering bullion of all types at or lower than nationally competitive pricing. If you have questions please give us a call we are happy to visit Protection — As mentioned, investors often move into precious metals during times of turmoil. When political and economic uncertainty are in the forefront, the dollar sometimes takes a backseat to assets like gold and silver. Gold and silver bullion can be appealing to investors, Silver tends to get overlooked in favor of individuals investing … Read More

SS Central America

If you’re a history buff, you’ve maybe heard of an event called the Panic of 1857.Firstly, it had nothing to do with a disease or a shortage of toilet paper. It was an episode in history when the world economy took a dark turn for the worse. Not only did it affect those living in and working in eastern cities, but the simple  farmer on the Minnesota frontier. Suddenly, his cash crops became worthless, and his bank notes were only as valuable as the paper they were printed on. In addition, the enterprising settlers that depended on the growth of new settlements would see the surge of immigration to Minnesota slow to a lowly trickle.A great many factors went into this global depression, but in America it was due in large part to the sinking of a ship off the East Coast — a spark that … Read More

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