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More than 20 NGC-certified Coins Each Sell for Six Figures in FUN Show Auction

Posted from NGC news The top NGC-certified coin was an 1870-S Seated Liberty Dollar that realized $420,000. Twenty-four vintage American coins certified by Numismatic Guaranty Company® (NGC®) each realized prices over $100,000 in the FUN US Coins Signature Auctioon January 15, 2023. The top NGC-certified coin was an 1870-S Seated Liberty Dollar graded NGC XF 40 (lot 3766) that realized $420,000. It is generally believed that not more than a dozen 1870-S Dollars were produced, and only nine are confirmed to exist today. These were apparently struck in connection with a ceremony to lay the cornerstone for the new Mint facility in San Francisco. … Read More


Bullion coins Gold, Silver, & Platinum Bullion coins come in several sizes. They range from less than a tenth of an ounce to whole ounces. These coins are normally legal tender with a face value. The face value is largely symbolic. Bullion coins are almost always valued higher than their face value or denomination. Example: The Silver American Eagle has a $1 denomination but the content of the silver has been more than $19 for months at the time we are writing this. Bullion coins trade very close to the value of the metals that they contain. They could serve as means to barter if other forms of currency fail. 2. Semi Numismatic Coins – Pre 1933 United States Coin Semi numismatic coinage are US coins that have a small premium above their intrinsic value in today’s market. … Read More

NO! You Can’t Print Gold

The Fed cannot print gold, unlike every other asset. Bank of America has caught up with where we have been for the past few years. Predicting $3000per ounce as early as this year. As central banks and governments double down on their gold holdings, we believe it’s clear now that even Wall Street’s agenda is lining up with all of us who have been calling that the biggest winner of the central bank gold buying spree will be Gold. Main stream media is quick to let us know inflation isn’t going anywhere — but prices certainly are. The Consumer Price Index is consistently higher with each report. A closely watched metric of the US economy, rose by more than forecast to a 40-year high in September. The hard cold truth is inflation is a wealth killer. With inflation at a … Read More

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