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True Rarity

The dictionary says “rarity” means something that is unusual or uncommon, interesting, esteemed or having infrequency. In terms of rare coins it is all of these adjectives. Imagine a unique piece of art from American history; you own as an individual, that you can hold in your hand. Many of the rare coins we handle and place in private collections across the nation are staggeringly rare and unbelievably affordable when you compare them with collectibles from other areas. Take for example a pre-1933 Gold Double Eagle that trades for under $10,000, that there are less than 200 coins know to exist in a given grade, keeping in mind that no two of these coins are exactly the same making your coin unique. Sound too good to be true? It’s not; … [Read more...]

Gold Fulfills Six Primary Investments Goals

Why is gold beating stocks so soundly in this new century? Gold has often soared during America's darkest hours, during the historic decades of global depression or deep recession - like the 1930s and the 1970s. In fact, gold was one of the only positive investments in those decades. Could we be at the beginning of another such decade in the 2010s? The evidence is in. We haven't seen this level of continued deep financial concerns since the 1930s. Where we go next in the world economy is anyone's guess, but a portfolio with a heavy counterweight in gold is the portfolio most likely to survive. More and more analyst and investment advisers recommend gold as a vital investment. Gold fulfills six primary investment goals, not available in … [Read more...]

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