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What is a Pattern Coin?

The Red Book of US Coins definition says "Experimental or trial coin, generally of a new design denomination or metal." Collectors know these coins are some of the rarest and most difficult to obtain pieces ever minted. Below is an article from Coin World magazine. The pattern coin featured is from 1872 and struck in aluminum. The Hammer price was an astounding $132,000! William Barber’s handsome Amazonian design is seen on this Proof 67 Cameo 1872 $20 double eagle pattern struck in aluminum that sold for $132,000 at the post-FUN auctions. William Barber’s Amazonian design is one of the most famous in the pattern series. Some examples feature a full seated Liberty, while others — like the Judd-1252 1872 $20 double eagle graded … [Read more...]


Bullion coins Gold, Silver, & Platinum Bullion coins come in several sizes. They range from less than a tenth of an ounce to whole ounces. These coins are normally legal tender with a face value. The face value is largely symbolic. Bullion coins are almost always valued higher than their face value or denomination. Example: The Silver American Eagle has a $1 denomination but the content of the silver has been more than $19 for months at the time we are writing this. Bullion coins trade very close to the value of the metals that they contain. They could serve as means to barter if other forms of currency fail. 2. Semi Numismatic Coins – Pre 1933 United States Coin Semi numismatic coinage are US coins that have a small … [Read more...]

Senator James Fullbright’s Unnamed Bill

On November 7, 1973, US Senator James Fullbright introduced a very short bill - it was only ONE page - that didn’t even have a name. But Fullbright’s unnamed bill ended up being one of the most important pieces of legislation in US history. By the time Fullbright introduced his bill, it had been two years since the legendary “Nixon Shock” of 1971. That was when US President Richard Nixon implemented wage and price controls, and changed the US dollar’s convertibility into gold.Nixon famously promised the American public that there wouldn’t be any negative consequences fromhis actions. Yet inflation hit 3% the following year, in 1972. Then 4.7% in 1973. Then 11.2% in 1974.Simultaneously, gold prices around the world were surging… from … [Read more...]


May 23 2023 American Rare Coin and Bullion is buying rare United States coins. We will, of course, buy as many coins as we can this summer to get our inventory heavy enough to make it to the next major show. This is the time of year that we reach out to our clients to buy rare coins more than any other! If you have coins that you have been considering selling, please give us a call. We are always interested in buying rare United States gold, silver and copper coins. If  you want or need to sell your coins – call us. We will pay strong premiums for coins certified by PCGS and NGC.  There are many other areas that we have focus in for individual collectors with specific wish list. Here is what we buy: All pre … [Read more...]

More than 20 NGC-certified Coins Each Sell for Six Figures in FUN Show Auction

Posted from NGC news The top NGC-certified coin was an 1870-S Seated Liberty Dollar that realized $420,000. Twenty-four vintage American coins certified by Numismatic Guaranty Company® (NGC®) each realized prices over $100,000 in the FUN US Coins Signature Auctioon January 15, 2023. The top NGC-certified coin was an 1870-S Seated Liberty Dollar graded NGC XF 40 (lot 3766) that realized $420,000. It is generally believed that not more than a dozen 1870-S Dollars were produced, and only nine are confirmed to exist today. These were apparently struck in connection with a ceremony to lay the cornerstone for the new Mint facility in San Francisco. … [Read more...]

NO! You Can’t Print Gold

The Fed cannot print gold, unlike every other asset. Bank of America has caught up with where we have been for the past few years. Predicting $3000per ounce as early as this year. As central banks and governments double down on their gold holdings, we believe it’s clear now that even Wall Street’s agenda is lining up with all of us who have been calling that the biggest winner of the central bank gold buying spree will be Gold. Main stream media is quick to let us know inflation isn’t going anywhere — but prices certainly are. The Consumer Price Index is consistently higher with each report. A closely watched metric of the US economy, rose by more than forecast to a 40-year high in September. The hard cold truth is … [Read more...]

Should I Invest in Silver?

Interest in the silver market pops whenever traditional investments waiver. Many of our clients are wondering if it is the right time to add physical silver to their investment portfolios. Below are some advantages to owning silver bullion. At the bottom there is a button to buy silver. We take pride in offering bullion of all types at or lower than nationally competitive pricing. If you have questions please give us a call we are happy to visit Protection — As mentioned, investors often move into precious metals during times of turmoil. When political and economic uncertainty are in the forefront, the dollar sometimes takes a backseat to assets like gold and silver. Gold and silver bullion can be appealing to investors, Silver tends to … [Read more...]

SS Central America

If you’re a history buff, you’ve maybe heard of an event called the Panic of 1857.Firstly, it had nothing to do with a disease or a shortage of toilet paper. It was an episode in history when the world economy took a dark turn for the worse. Not only did it affect those living in and working in eastern cities, but the simple  farmer on the Minnesota frontier. Suddenly, his cash crops became worthless, and his bank notes were only as valuable as the paper they were printed on. In addition, the enterprising settlers that depended on the growth of new settlements would see the surge of immigration to Minnesota slow to a lowly trickle.A great many factors went into this global depression, but in America it was due in large part to the … [Read more...]

An Outside Perspective on the Rare Coin – Third Party Comments on Crypto Traders Coming in the Rare Coin Market.

Hello from Texas,  We normally voice our own opinion here at From time to time it's nice to get perspective from a third party. Take a minute to read some excerpts from Charles Passy's 1.15.22 MarketWatch article. The beauty of this article is; it cements the fact that new money coming in puts pressure on a market that has a static supply of product. Which in turn helps prices go up. This is paper money turning into gold and silver-real value assets, not numbers on computer screens. With prices for some rarities in the millions of dollars, collectible coins are becoming a hot item The numismatic market has seen tremendous growth since the start of the pandemic, with cryptocurrency investors even … [Read more...]

Inflation Reached 31-Year Highs in October

Jerome Powell suggests it’s time to stop describing inflation as ‘transitory’ So now we know...Inflation isn’t going anywhere — but prices certainly are. The latest Consumer Price Index for October recorded a 6.2 percent increase.  It's the largest increase in over 30 years and far outpaced economists’ expectations of a 5.9 percent spike. October's data represents months of faster rising prices, compared to levels the U.S. economy has seen in years.  Consumers are starting to notice the increasing bite that rising food prices are starting to take out of their monthly budgets. Nearly 60 percent said that grocery stores were where they saw the most dramatic price increases. According to an October survey of US consumers by Bank of America … [Read more...]

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