The New Heavy Weight Champion of the Coin World

A 1933 Double Eagle, America’s last gold coin struck for circulation, sold for a record-shattering $18.9m at auction in New York this month. The only 1933 Double Eagle ever allowed to be privately owned, was expected to pull in somewhere along the lines of $10m to $15m at the auction but sold for far beyond that. This double eagle represents the new pinnacle of price paid for a U.S. coin. It is the latest in a long line of million dollar plus rarities to trade hands this year.
The numismatic market is as hot as it’s ever been. There are many “sleeper” coins out there that have the potential to be one of these million dollar coins in the future. American Rare Coin is dedicated to building rare coin portfolios based on our clients goals. Whether it’s a small portfolio for 100k, or a full blown set of condition census rarities pushing into the million dollar range, we are here, fully equipped, and experienced to handle what you need done. Our team is ready for you. We will assign our chief numismatist to your allocation. Please reach out to us, the market is not waiting to set new records

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