Rare Coin Market Update April, 2021

In our last update, we reported news of serval classic United States
rarities trading in excess of the million dollars mark. Five of them from
2-9 million. Very impressive to say the least. Although even more
remarkable; the buyer was a newb – He had never acquired a single
rare coin prior!
This is a dead giveaway that the high-end rare coin market is as we say
in Texas “hot as blue blazes”. If these transactions are not enough to
convince, just look at the latest smash from a sale in Las Vegas last
month. An 1822 half eagle sold for hammer price of 8.4 million. In
addition to these public sales, there have been numerous private treaty
deals we have been privy to. These have ranged from 250k to beyond
5 million for single coins.
We feel like all areas of the coin market are very strong now. Not just
the higher end classics. We are fielding calls for everything from
modern gold and silver eagle products to better date gold.
All of the dealers I visit with have the same opinion on the condition of
the market. It is especially tough to find good coins. This creates a very
interesting dynamic in the overall market. There are just not enough
cool coins to go around. Which means pricing must catch up to
increased demand. Combine this with record prices being set on top
tier US rarities- we are on track to see super bull market for the entire
rare coin market.
American Rare Coin is dedicated to building rare coin portfolios based
on our clients goals. Whether it’s a small portfolio for 100k or a full
blown set of condition census rarities pushing into the million dollar
range, we are here fully equipped, experienced to handle what you
need done. Our team is ready for you. We will assign our chief numismatist to your allocation. Please reach out to us, the market is not waiting to set new records.

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