Bank of America Calls Gold “Ultimate Store of Value” Raises Target Price to $3000 oz

The Fed cannot print gold , unlike every other asset. Bank of America has caught up with where we have been for the past few years. “As central banks and governments double their balance sheets and fiscal deficits, we up our 18 month target from $2000 to $3000/oz” We believe it’s clear now that even Wall Streets agenda is lining up with all of those who have been calling that the biggest winner of the central bank insanity will be the “barbarous relic”. Gold. Now with the Fed committing to do whatever it takes to prevent widespread panic and bankruptcies in the US, Congress injecting 5 plus trillion stimulus and economic growth at a crawl until there is a cure or vaccine inflation could rise even if GDP doesn’t.  This economic climate should prove to be very positive for gold.

This brings us to what may be the best value in the gold coin market today. Pre 1933 $20 gold double eagles. These heavy 1 ounce coins have almost NO PREMIUM compared to their younger cousins (like Gold American Eagles or Canada Maple Leafs)

So what’s the difference? Pre 1933 $20 Gold will never be minted again.  Here’s what we have seen in past hot gold markets like we are entering now. $20 gold can disappear off the open market. When this happens dealers tend to pay more for this type of coin.

Acquiring these Pre 1933 $20 double eagles now can really pay off, maybe in the not so distant future .

It makes good sense to salt away 10 or 20 of these old $20 gold pieces. Do it today before premiums rise.

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Special arrangements available for larger orders.

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