Rare Coin Market 2021….The New Normal?

The market is in a new never before seen state change. The pandemic has all but ended major coin shows. There has not been a major show in over a year. This is a huge change in the way we buy coins for our customers. Auction houses have taken the spotlight in placing important rarities with collectors via online sales. This is not a totally new phenomena but it is gaining more and more traction. These sales are not always ideal for our customers since many of the coins are sold sight unseen. Not only sight unseen, but with no return policy. If you buy a coin, receive it, then realize it doesn’t fit the images and description seen on line, you have to keep it. Not the best scenario in our opinion.

This is why it’s more important than ever to have a dealer in your corner to work for you, specifically. ARC is committed to helping you take the guesswork out of choosing the right coins for you and your family. As mentioned above, sight unseen transactions have become the new norm. We have built a network over the past thirty plus years that allows us to be hands on with major rarities before offering them to you. Also the ability to see large groups of pre 1933 U.S. gold coins before they enter the North American market through our partnership with one of the key importers in the U.S.

Possibly more important than all of these things, is our Unlimited Trade Policy. Anytime you receive a coin from the ARC team you believe is not up to your standards we will exchange the same date same grade for as long as you own it.

The rare coin market is gaining strength and is set up to have a historic bull run. In January of this year, six coins have sold in excess of the million dollar mark. Five world records were set. We will list them below. It is paramount to note that the sale of the world’s most valuable gold coin was the first time the client purchased a coin at auction.

Here are the Million Plus Club Rarities

1787 Brasher Doubloon MS65 – $9.36 million

1786 Brasher Doubloon MS61 – $2.1 million

1804 $10 Plain 4 PR65+ -$5.28 million

1792 Silver Cent SP67 Brown -$2.52 million

1885 Trade $1 PR63+ Cameo -$2.1 million

1796 $2.5 Stars Obv. MS65 – $1.38 million

American Rare Coin is dedicated to building rare coin portfolios based on our clients goals. Whether it’s a small portfolio for 100k or a full blown set of condition census rarities pushing into the million dollar range, we are here fully equipped and experienced to handle what you need done. Our team is ready for you. We will assign our chief numismatist to your allocation. Please reach out to us, the market is not waiting to set new records.

American Rare Coin and Bullion