New Orleans Update

Over the past 12 months we have placed hundreds of New Orleans Minted Eagles ($10) as well as many of the other denominations from New Orleans.


Many other areas of the market are strictly investor driven, the gold coinage of New Orleans enjoys both collector and investor interest and is seeing much positive activity.

Our clients are seeking New Orleans Gold coins in a variety of price ranges, grades and denominations. The main criteria these entire have in common is the coins must be above average in eye appeal.

Popular New Orleans gold coin issues include one year types such as the 1855-O gold dollar, 1839-O quarter eagle($2.50) and the 1854 three dollar gold piece. First year issues are garnering a fair share of attention as well. These issues include the 1849-O Gold Dollar, 1840-O Half Eagle ($5.00) , 1841-O Eagle ($10), 1850-O Double Eagle ($20.00).


We believe it is very important to note that while gold spot pricing has fallen over the last 12 months, New Orleans gold coins especially New Orleans $10 gold coins have held steady and in some cases have increased in the wake of lower gold bullion prices. This gives much credence to the real value of rare New Orleans gold coins.

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