Watch Me Pull A Massive Spending Bill Out Of My Hat!

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Before the morning sun painted my Texas sky with an artistic hue of orange and yellow, I began the daily jaunt through my favorite sources of information and written opinions. I have a cache of writers and news sources I respect and trust to have the insight necessary to prepare for the coming barrage of questions I am faced with daily. I read both sides of opinions on arguments that shape our current landscape of societal and economic chaos.

In trying to make sense and direction of the mass of information, true, and mis, I am reminded of a good friend of mine who is quite adept at the art of magic. One evening, after a casual display of his sleight of hand, in summary, he explained to me that the key to illusion was distraction. To understand the “trick” you must pay attention to what your attention is purposely directed towards and away from the subject of the “trick”.

I then realized that the border crisis in Del Rio, Texas is where my attention is being steered. These convoys are neither right, nor accidental. Is it possible that the requirement for banks to report transactions over $600 to the IRS is a distraction away from Janet Yellen’s proposal for taxing unrealized asset growth? A measure that would cripple private home ownership and bankrupt the majority of family farms. Perhaps the “we need to shut down the world’s largest economy for two weeks in order to slow the curve” narrative was to keep me from paying attention to something else more important. Is it possible that illegally mandating companies with over 100 employees to require 100% vaccination status against the Covid-19 virus was to rile me so that I would not notice that Pfizer is introducing an oral covid medication? A pill that will lessen the severity of the symptoms of the pandemic while they at the same time are condemning a proven treatment that does the very same thing.

As I come to the realization that a complicit media is facilitating the “sleight of hand” that both parties in Washington require to stay in office, it is clear to me that truth runs a distant second to votes.

Truth has become a rare commodity in the world since I was given a different definition of sex by 42, that “Saddam has WMD’s, I just can’t find them” by 43, and if I like my Dr. I can keep my Dr. by 44. Not to be outdone, 46 claims the Afghanistan withdrawal to be an “extraordinary success!”

I draw my political truths from the greatest document ever written, The Constitution of the United States of America. I find my peace, comfort, and security when it comes to my assets and our clients’ assets, in thousands of years of proven truth that is Gold and Silver. Gold and silver are the only true money. Gold’s value never changes. Fiat currency values change relative to gold, but gold is always the standard. Gold buys at least as much in terms of dollars as it did 100 years ago. And will 100 years from now. Portfolios should not consist of only precious metals but should include enough of a component to protect one from the unexpected and the inevitable.

As always, American Rare Coin & Bullion is here to advise and guide with decades of experience on how best to insure your future with Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion. Not electronic or paper metals, physical Gold and Silver for you to touch, hold, and keep wherever you are most comfortable. Until next time, watch what the left hand is doing when the right hand is pointing you elsewhere.

Doug Pullen
Senior Market Analyst
American Rare Coin & Bullion
American Rare Coin and Bullion