NO! You Can’t Print Gold

The Fed cannot print gold, unlike every other asset. Bank of America has caught up with where we have been for the past few years. Predicting $3000per ounce as early as this year. As central banks and governments double down on their gold holdings, we believe it’s clear now that even Wall Street’s agenda is lining up with all of us who have been calling that the biggest winner of the central bank gold buying spree will be Gold.

Main stream media is quick to let us know inflation isn’t going anywhere — but prices certainly are. The Consumer Price Index is consistently higher with each report. A closely watched metric of the US economy, rose by more than forecast to a 40-year high in September.

The hard cold truth is inflation is a wealth killer. With inflation at a 40-year high today and a Democrat in the White House, common sense says this will only get worse. In addition to this ray of sunshine if, you are over 60 years old and you lose half your savings in traditional paper investments or the U.S. dollar fails the likelihood of you regaining financial footing is extremely slim.

Here is some good news; this economic climate should prove to be very positive for gold. At the end of this note there will be a special offer for what we believe is the best value in the gold market today. If you would like to receive our Personal Gold Investment Guide Click here

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Why do the Central Banks continue to buy and hold so much gold? They have a plan, Do you?

In a conversation with Ron Paul, the former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke admitted why central banks buy and hold tons of physical gold. “It’s tradition.” Gold has 5000 years of history proving it has been the best way to protect yourself from economic collapse…yet the financial media tells you to put your retirement savings into paper assets. Why? Because many so called “financial advisers” get paid largely to keep your money in one place. Yes, they get paid the same whether you make money or lose money in whatever they say do! 

Let me tell you what may be the best value in the gold market today. Pre 1933 $20 gold double eagles. These heavy one ounce coins have almost NO PREMIUM compared to their younger cousins like Gold American Eagles

So what’s the difference? Pre 1933 United States $20 Gold will never be minted again.  Here’s what we have seen in past bull gold markets like we are entering now. $20 gold can disappear off the open market. When this happens dealers tend to pay more for this type of coin.

Acquiring these United States pre 1933 $20 double eagles to preserve or transfer wealth can turn out to be the most prudent financial move you make for your family in recent memory! Not to mention the tax privacy loophole that not many know of with US gold coins like these. Click here for info.

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