True Rarity

Rare CoinsThe dictionary says “rarity” means something that is unusual or uncommon, interesting, esteemed or having infrequency. In terms of rare coins it is all of these adjectives. Imagine a unique piece of art from American history; you own as an individual, that you can hold in your hand. Many of the rare coins we handle and place in private collections across the nation are staggeringly rare and unbelievably affordable when you compare them with collectibles from other areas.

Take for example a pre-1933 Gold Double Eagle that trades for under $10,000, that there are less than 200 coins know to exist in a given grade, keeping in mind that no two of these coins are exactly the same making your coin unique. Sound too good to be true? It’s not; the example I just gave is a real $20 Gold Piece that traded this year (2014) for less than $5000!

When you break down the percentages of how many coins were minted versus how many coins survive today it seems like a miracle that these coins are affordable to anyone but the ultra wealthy or they can only seen in museums.

Let us help you find your next family heirloom or your one dream coin that has eluded you until now.

One of the services we take very seriously is searching out and delivering true rarity to our customers. To us delivering true rarity to you is true value.

American Rare Coin and Bullion