Trey Cox

CEO and Chief Numismatist, American Rare Coin & Bullion

Trey has been a professional coin dealer for the past 32 years.  He collected with his dad before that. Starting out with silver dollars and United States gold he has always loved the history behind the coins. Over the course of his time in the numismatic industry he has handled many of the rarest coins and medals produced throughout the past 200 years. His consulting career has allowed him to write articles that have appeared in Main stream coin business areas and has contributed to several award winning books on United States pre 1933 gold coins.

 He has three daughters and has coached them in competitive soccer for 10 plus years. An avid hunter and competitive shooter as well as an NRA member.

He has served as chairman and vice chair for the Chris Gafford Memorial Fund. A local charity that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local disabled vets.

Instrumental in the market maker program at ARC, Trey has created a two-way market in all rare coins and precious metals for the company’s clientele. Buying and selling hundreds of millions of dollars in his career in the coin market.

We understand at ARC that collectors and investors who are procuring high end rarities appreciate candid expert advice. “Trey has earned a top notch reputation in the numismatic community for providing exactly that kind of advice and service.” We are extremely pleased that he is leading our team at American Rare.

BJ Garrett

Owner & President of American Rare Coin

American Rare Coin and Bullion