The All Time Favorite “Morgan Silver Dollars”

A Beautiful Mint State 64 example of a Carson City minted Morgan Silver dollar

Looking back over the past 30 some odd years as a professional numismatist,thinking of the hundreds of millions of coins I have had the privilege of handling, biggies too.The $4 gold Stella,Brasher Doubloons. Numerous $20 Gold Liberty. Some so rare and in such condition, they simply should not exist. Even a 1795 $5 Capped Bust gold piece. Which is the very first gold coin struck for the United States. I remember the client who acquired it saying to me ” George Washington might have held this very coin” At that point it dawned on me that holy cow, he’s right!

I always come back to silver dollars.

It is really true the good ole Morgan Silver Dollar seems to be not just my fav but the collector community too. Why is that ? I’m not really sure but probably because they are available at every turn and hog the spotlight in so many western movies . Targets for outlaws like Jesse James, The Newton gang and Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch. They were the currency of Vegas slot machines for years. Lots of glamour throughout American history.

Today the premium on mint state Morgan Silver Dollars is very attractive with silver in the under $20 range. Gem quality MS64s are trading for half of their past market highs. Better date Carson City and San Francisco issues are trading at the same type discount as well. Overall a great time to get in the game for the first time or stash more away if you are already a stacker.

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