Silver Hits 2 Year Low!


Best time to buy silver in two years!

Silver found a new 2 year low this week (August 13-17,2018) Many investors are asking themselves, “when will silver go up?” Unfortunately it’s tough to get a straight answer, even from experts.

Here’s what we know- it is impossible to time the precious metals markets perfectly. However it does make a lot of sense to buy the dips. Moving forward, geopolitical events and potential Fed rate hikes will certainly be key factors to watch. Put all of those things aside, the real key is supply and demand. The truth is that the above ground supply exceeds demand right now. The direct result is a two year low…for now. What does that mean for silver bugs? We say its a nice buying opportunity window. There are lots of different options when it comes to owning physical silver. We believe silver in the form of legal tender coinage is the best route. These coins almost always note weight and purity on them,  which makes them easy to buy sell or trade in most situations. There is also a monster following of investors that love old silver U.S. dollars like Morgans and Peace dollars. The sleeper factor in those is the premium. The premium is low right now but when spot price heats up the premium can go sky high. That dynamic can equal profits for savvy investors that salted money away when the dips like we have now are happening.

Let us help find out what the best options are for you. Whether you want bars,rounds or coins – we can help. Our pricing is ultra competitive and we ship directly to you, so you hold your metal.   Click below to buy Silver American Eagle by the single coin or call us to find out what our best quantity pricing is.

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