Morgan Silver Dollars Mint State 67


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In the past months we have reported on record rare coin prices being set, public and private sales reaching into the millions of dollars for single coins.
Also that virtually every segment of the numismatic market has seen new interest and unprecedented demand. We expect pricing to catch up with that demand.
Today, we bought a fresh deal of high grade Morgan Silver Dollars. There are a dozen coins graded Mint State 67 in this batch. All graded by PCGS & NGC. We took a look at the charts on these coins. What we found is really remarkable.
First, the supply of MS67 graded Morgans. There are over 83% less MS67 than all other mint state grades combined and only 7% graded higher. Also the price jump from 67 to 68 is very steep. MS68 graded coins are trading at or above $4000.
Next, the historic high is over 4.5 times what the market is today. Looking back over public auction records there are numerous hammer prices between $4000 and $5000.
This track record makes MS67 grade coinage a sweet spot in supply as well as price.
Our ask price is under $1000 shipped.
We only have a handful of these high end Morgans in stock and ready to ship.
We expect an immediate sell out and when they’re gone, they’re gone!
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