1787 Fugio States United 4 Cinq PCGS XF40


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In April of 1787 the United States authorized the first coins to be issued ; a copper penny whose design has been credited to one of the most famous and influential founding fathers of our great nation – Benjamin Franklin.
The obverse of the Fugio is a sundial with the word “Fugio” (Latin :I Flee) to the left. The date 1797 is to the right. To remind it’s owners Franklin added a message which reads “MIND YOUR BUSINESS” which may have been intended to mean both monetarily and socially.
The reverse has a third motto ” WE ARE ONE” inside a small circle with 13 chain links representing the original colonies. The Fugios were struck in New Haven Connecticut mostly from military stores. It’s believed to have been the copper bands that held the powder kegs together sent to us by the French.Many varieties of the Fugio exist from 1787, some trading into the tens of thousands but, coins are available at affordable levels also. If you want to own a true piece of American history with ties to Ben Franklin the Fugio cent is a must have for your collection. many regard the Fugio Cent to be one of the greatest 100 U.S. coins ever produced. We have two very nice PCGS examples in stock right now, click on the link below to learn how to add this coin to your collection.

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