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On January 11, 1784, The El Cazador sailed from Vera Cruz, Mexico for the port of New Orleans loaded with silver coins. But the ship never arrived. The El Cazador disappeared in the Gulf of Mexico about fifty miles off the coast of Louisiana. But on August 2, 1993, a vessel named Mistake caught something on the ocean floor. After retrieving their net, a shower of silver hit the deck. Over 200 years after the ship went missing, the treasure was finally found.
The Spanish 8 Reales Silver Coin, also known as pieces of 8, has a time-honored place in coin history and is recognized as the very first U.S. Dollar used for trade in the early days of the thirteen colonies. These coins had the richest content of precious metals of all the world’s coins during the colonial period. Thomas Jefferson even recommended to the Continental Congress that the new country adopt the Spanish milled dollar as its monetary unit of value. This coin was accepted as legal tender in the United States until 1857.
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