Morgan Silver Dollars

This series of coins were minted from 1878- 1921, with a break from 1905-1920. Named after its designer George T. Morgan. This heavy one-ounce silver dollar was struck at five different mints. Including Carson City. The series contains two dates considered to be included in the 100 greatest U.S. coins ever produced.  1895 Philadelphia and 1893 San Francisco issues. Both are generally thought of to be two of but not the only key dates in the entire set.

There are many ways to collect Morgan Dollars, but to own a well-struck bright white coin that looks as fresh as the day it was made is special. On the other hand to hold a Morgan silver dollar that has been stored in its original canvas bag from the mint with brilliant tones of gold, green, blue, or purple that the bag created is also a treasure. These coins exist at every price level. So it’s easy to get your collection started or add to your stash.

The Morgan Dollar is probably the most widely collected coin for Americans with good reason; it is the reminder of days gone by when the United States used real hard currency to conduct everyday business. It's also a reminder of a time in history everyone loves- the American Wild West.

Whatever reason drives you to collect these pieces of American history we will find the right coin for you. No matter if you are a seasoned collector or you want to salt away a majestic part of the past for the first time.

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