Outlook for Gold & How it Can Boost Rare coins

Gold is pushing close to $1300 an ounce. In fact Gold closed 2018 higher than it had since June last year, while the US stock markets move down. The paper markets posted the worst December since 1931. Its also worth noting the flagship crypto currency, Bit Coin lost over 50%.  More than a few banks globally, as well as Bank of America have predicted gold to rise to as much as $1500 an ounce.  Below is what we have seen happen when gold pushes to higher levels and paper markets weaken.

What we have seen in the past while financial scenarios similar to what is happening now is in short- New buyers in the bullion and rare coin market. While many other markets have the ability to generate an infinite supply, gold and rare coins simply can not. Most all rare coins have finite populations of which no more will ever be produced. The result of influx of new buyers and a limited supply of anything generally equals higher prices. The timing is right for precious metal and rare coins as premiums are low and there are some truly rare coins out there at just about every price level!

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The American Rare Coin and Bullion Team.

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