New West Point Quarters Released for Circulation

The West Point Mint is striking 2 million each of the ATB quarters for general circulation. Its no new news that the mint is making quarters – the news is these coins will bear the W mint mark for the very first time ever. The design will celebrate Lowell National Park the other the American Memorial Park. The first coins were shipped out on April 1 to cities in 29 different states. Coins should start circulating in four to six weeks. Releasing these coins helps the US Mint reach a goal it set last year of issuing circulating rarities. Five more coins with the W mint mark have been planned. Mint officials hope to stir up interest in circulating collectibles. It’s not very often we get a chance at a true first time ever from the US Mint. We will be very interested to hear from you if you are lucky enough to find one of these on the maiden run. We certainly will make you an offer to buy these coins if you find them early on. We will also be glad to help you grade these circulating collectibles to preserve them for years to come. Let us hear from you and happy hunting!

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