Key Date Gold American Eagles

Signed into law by Ronald Reagan, the Gold American Eagle represents the first legal tender gold coins in over 50 years for the United States. Gold American Eagles are produced in 4 sizes. 1oz,1/2 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/10 oz. Since their inception in 1986 Gold American Eagles quickly became the most popular bullion coin in the world.

A fact that many do not realize is that hidden in this series of coins are many true rarities. Mintages of certain dates of Gold American Eagles rival many pre 1933 gold pieces that trade for tens of thousands of dollars. even in low grades. In fact some of the pre 1933 issues do not exist in the grades that key date Gold American Eagles do. But what if they did? Looking at prices commanded by even lower grades of pre 1933 coinage it’s reasonable to say the top grades if even a handful existed could fetch into the hundreds of thousands or even the million dollar range. Is that possible? We say- Yes. Consider that individual coins trade in the million dollar plus range regularly even in low grades.

Another factor to keep in mind is everything that has a beginning has an end. Gold American Eagles will not be made forever. When this series stops (and it will) the collecting public as well as investors will scramble to put these away for future generations. Acting now will surely put you ahead of the curve.

We believe as the series of continues quality of key date Gold American Eagles will become an issue. Fewer and Fewer top grade coins will be available due to mishandling. that is when this area will explode , giving key date Gold American Eagles monster premiums.

The rare coin market is slowly waking up to the fact that key date Gold American Eagles are a real force in the rare coin market . Do not wait to snap these up while they are still affordable.

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