Important Announcement from the Gold Watch Dog : DO NOT BUY THIS COIN!!!


American Eagle 2018 One Ounce Palladium Proof Coin

This is not our normal post- we buy and sell coins. So we generally tell you Buy or sell-right? Never “DO NOT BUY”. This will save you money in the long run, believe me.

This coin was released from the US Mint on September 6, this year at less than $1400. It was an immediate sell out, pushing premiums up so fast that the market went to nearly double in days. That’s fantastic if you could buy 20 coins from the mint and resell as soon as you got them in the mail…..but you could only get 1 coin from the mint!!!! There are retailers out there just like us capitalizing on this hype charging nearly $5000 per coin. If you want these for your collection just take a pause. In due time the price will shrink to a decent level. Then it’s time to sock one away.

That is all for now from The Gold Watch Dog




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