Gold Market Update

On Tuesday, June 18th, Gold climbed more than 1% to a near 14-month high, supported by statements from the U.S. Federal Reserve. U.S. gold futures were up by 0.8% at $1,353.7 per ounce. Spot gold was up about 1% at $1,352.23 per ounce. Last week, prices had hit a high of $1,358.34, the highest it’s been since April 11. Gold has risen 6% since hitting the 2019 lowest point of $1,265.85 in early May.
Based on this information, here’s what we recommend. Pre 1900 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagles MS62. These coins’ trade at a tiny premium to their gold value. You may expect the price tag of a 120-year-old coin, in gem quality, to be thousands of dollars over the price of gold, but you’d be surprised. We have a limited quantity of these $20 Gold Pieces graded by PCGS and NGC available at $1,485.

Please call for availability and pricing. 866-789-2646

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