Early Denver Mint Proof $20 Gold

The 1906-D and 1907-D Specimen Strike $20 gold pieces have been well documented and heavily sought after by collectors in the know for years. 

The 1906-D is a 1st Year Presentation Piece, of which just 6 are known to have been struck and given to individuals who were important to the Chief Coiner at the time. Specimen Strike coinage has become more and more understood over the years, and it’s important to note the finest 1906-D last sold in 2013 for $440,625. Prior to that, it sold for $172,500 in 2006 – an increase of nearly 250% in just 7 years!! 

No other examples of the 1906-D are reported to have been sold. It has now been 6 years since the last sale of the SP66, and it is arguably worth considerably more today. 

The 1907-D Specimen Strike has largely been recognized as a Branch Mint Proof by both grading services, and it has been a matter of preference for collectors which holder they might prefer it in. For the sake of keeping this set consistent, we chose to remain with the Specimen label. Only a Few were made of the 1907-D. Both coins are indeed Branch Mint Proofs, representing the only two years Denver ever struck a $20 Liberty gold piece and a very special inclusion into any world class collection. The 1907-D was struck for the end of the Series, creating a unique 2-Coin Specimen Presentation Set unlike any other you’ll ever encounter in American numismatics, and the only opportunity to acquire both coins at once we’ve ever seen. 

Offered for BOTH Coins as a Set: 


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