The first series we will take a look at is the Morgan silver dollars. There are a few coins in the series that qualify as bonafide key dates. 1895 is a proof only year that makes the cut as the king but we will focus on the coins that were actually made for commerce.

1889-Carson City Dollar

In 1889 the mint started striking dollars again after a four year hiatus. It was a tiny mintage of only 350,000 coins; of course the surviving population is much less. These factors make the 1889 CC the key date coin for the series; simply put this is one of the rarest most collected dates in the Morgan series.

Let’s look at the stats

Total Original Mintage : 350,000

Surviving Population all grades : 14,418

Survival rate : 4.1%

Finest Known Example MS 68    Record Price $881,250

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